The Annual Miss Roundup Competition
Sponsored by the Camp Lockett Event & Equestrian Facility


Saturday, May 5th, 2018


799 Forrest Gate Rd., Campo, CA 91906
For information about the Roundup call (619) 478-2339

Pageant Rules:
Pageant is open to the any child, whether they live in the area or not.

Contestants and/or their families are not to approach the judge’s table for any reason at any time. Failure to comply will result in removal from the competition. Inappropriate behavior of a contestant, parent, and/or family members or friends will not be tolerated. Anyone displaying unsuitable behavior will be asked to leave the event. Contestant will be removed from the competition. Further, they will be prohibited from participating in future CLEEF pageants without a committee review. Please be advised that all judge’s decisions are FINAL and will not be altered or reversed for any reason. There is no entry fee. CLEEF covers all costs.

Registration forms are due by April 25, 2018

No last minute sign-ups! If we don’t have your registration in our possession by the deadline the child will not be allowed to participate. This enables the Directors to have a chance to be ready for the event.

Pageant Schedule:
10:00 am – Roundup Pageant Contestants Check-In (ALL AGE DIVISIONS)
10:30 am – Tiny Miss Roundup Pageant
Roundup Princess & Roundup Queen Pageants will follow

Pageant Contact Information:
Leah Mayfield • lmayfield@appliedrestoration.com • (619) 843-3480

Entry Fee:
There is no entry fee

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