Motorcycle Flat Track Racing


The  CALIFORNIA VINTAGE MOTOCROSS (CALVMX) group is a motocross club that  organizes and conducts racing events in the southwest.  CALVMX caters to  competition motorcycles manufactured between 1965 up to and including  machines currently in production. Now, proud to announce the addition of  Dirt Track (Flat track) & Trials. 

 CALVMX has  an active and enthusiastic group of members who share the passion for  restoring and racing classic dirt bikes from previous eras as well as  modern era machines. Our competition classifications are divided into  age, ability level, year of machine manufacture and engine size.  Our  members include motocross legends David Bailey, Marty Smith, Scott  Burnworth, Ron Lechien,  Jim Gibson, Rex Staten, Broc Glover, Bill  Silverthorn and others.